Technical documentation is a
highly versatile field of activity

MB Dokutec GmbH & Co.KG employs highly qualified specialists from various fields to master the special requirements in our company.

For more than 20 years we have been supporting companies from various industries in the field of technical documentation. For you and your employees this means being able to use your precious time for the most important things: your core business!

We offer

Comprehensively explained technology

Technical editing – our core strength

    • We consult you about the foundations for the creation of your technical documents as well as your technical documentation requirements, and formulate objectives.
    • We research content and determine what information is required.
    • We analyze which information should be conveyed verbally and which can be conveyed visually, and how the content should be structured in the most user-friendly manner.
    • We create comprehensible documents which comply with standards and directives.
    • We coordinate technical editors, illustrators, translators, printing companies, and more.
    • We advise you on the selection and implementation of a suitable content management system and populate data into it, as well as structuring and revising processes.


We create reliable, user-friendly operating, installation, repair and maintenance manuals for machinery, user documentation for software, as well as complete system documentation for every target group. We will provide you with manuals that comply with standards and directives and which highlight the quality of your products and promote the reputation of your brand.

Comprehensively visualized technology

Cutting-edge technical equipment for high-quality illustrations

We create high-quality technical illustrations and informative graphics in all desired display forms. This includes realistic, line and exploded drawings, flow charts, pictograms, and animated graphics.

Creating technical illustrations

Technical illustrations generally represent a technical product and its current state. We highlight the most important details while reducing the drawing to the most relevant content for the application. The viewer can thus immediately see what’s important and what’s secondary.

  • Realistic drawings
  • Line drawings
  • Exploded drawings
  • Flow charts

  • Pictograms
  • Operation depictions
  • Animated graphics
  • Overview drawings

Documentation in every language

Our translation partners always translate into their
native languages

Translations are becoming more and more important owing to progressive internationalization. We therefore offer translation of the information resources we develop as well as your own into all required languages.

The process of localization begins as early as the document creation stage, which is why our technical editors receive training on international standards and translation-friendly writing. Our technical editors and our translation partners work closely together throughout the whole documentation process. In order to provide you with technical documentation, translation and localization from one source, we work with a certified translation agency that performs all is translation services in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100.