MB Dokutec GmbH & Co. KG employs highly qualified specialists from various industries in order to meet the special requirements within our business.

Our staff team comprises

  • Engineers and technicians from the fields of mechanical engineering, plant engineering, and electrical engineering
  • Certified technical editors with comprehensive, practically oriented training
  • Qualified technical illustrators
  • Translators for all languages specializing in technical fields in collaboration with a certified translation agency

We apply our employees‘ specialist knowledge in a targeted manner to develop comprehensible and standard-compliant technical documentation for our clients. Our experienced team adapts quickly and flexibly to your needs and desires. Whether you require user manuals for consumer goods or complete documentation for process facilities: implementing large and small projects, even at an international level, is part of our daily practice. We can also work at your premises when required. Thanks to our active cooperation with Tekom www.tekom.de, we are constantly up to date when it comes to technical documentation from a wide range of industries, and we strive for ongoing improvement. Our clients and partners naturally benefit from all our skills and knowledge.

External IT partners and

Editorial system manufacturers

We appreciate our supporting and complementary IT partners and the cooperation with various editorial system manufacturers (e.g. Fischer Information Technology AG, GTF).

Thus we can also offer our customers assistance in the mediation of a suitable IT and editorial system.

Technical documentation –

a highly versatile field of activity.


Targeted description and presentation of technical information is our core strength. Our range of services focuses on companies that need to explain and describe technical products.

Comprehensively explained technology

What’s the point of amazing functions and sophisticated technology if users don’t even realize they exist or know how to use them? Incomprehensible technical documentation leads to unhappy customers and declining sales. We begin by developing an understanding of the target group for your manual. If the target group consists of technical laypersons as well as trained technicians, the documentation must be adapted to the user with the lowest level of knowledge. If the manual is only intended for specialist personnel, there is no need to include information within the documentation which is obvious to this target group. We create technical documentation using conventional DTP tools or with database-supported content management systems (CMS). We can take on full projects as well as subtasks.

The typical project flow looks as follows for technical documentation:

Standards and directives

The use of technical products is often associated with unavoidable residual risks for people and the environment. Manuals for technical devices, machinery and systems must warn people about these risks in an appropriate and standard-compliant manner. The standard for the preparation of instructions for use (EN 82079) as well as various relevant product standards apply in this case. In addition, manuals must always be available in the language used in the country where the product is sold or used. Damage to equipment and the environment as well as personal injuries caused by incorrect operation can have disastrous consequences for the distributors of technical products. If, for example, legal proceedings establish that a manual does not meet the relevant legal requirements, the distributor could face extensive penalties and compensation payments. In the event of proven organizational fault, the responsible persons could be held liable with their private assets.

We develop manuals that comply with standards and directives and which highlight the quality of your products and promote the reputation of your brand.

Technical editing – our core strength

  • We consult you about the foundations for the creation of your technical documents as well as your technical documentation requirements, and formulate objectives.
  • We develop concepts for your documentation.
  • We research content and determine what information is required.
  • We analyze which information should be conveyed verbally and which can be conveyed visually, and how the content should be structured in the most user-friendly manner.
  • We create comprehensible documents which comply with standards and directives.
  • We coordinate technical editors, illustrators, translators, printing companies, and more.

Content management systems

The correct selection, purchase and implementation of a content management system is a complex issue for which you require the help of experts.

MB Dokutec will happily guide you through all these stages and advise you when selecting the perfect content management system for your company, as well as supporting you during the development of technical specifications for implementing a content management system so you and your company will be optimally equipped for digitization, Industry 4.0 and further challenges. If you already have a content management system, we can process your data in this system using a secure data connection (Citrix), or old data is integrated. MB Dokutec has been working with all our clients‘ content management systems for 12 years. We can show you our extensive experience in these fields whether you want to populate your system with data, structure processes or develop ideas.

We are here for you!

Cutting-edge technical equipment for high-quality illustrations

We create high-quality technical illustrations and informative graphics in all desired display forms. This includes realistic, line and exploded drawings, flow charts, pictograms, and animated graphics.

Creating technical illustrations

Technical illustrations generally represent a technical product and its current state. We highlight the most important details while reducing the drawing to the most relevant content for the application. The viewer can thus immediately see what’s important and what’s secondary. Our team comprises qualified technical illustrators. Our team always didactically adapts illustrations to the content and the requirements of the target groups. We create high-quality technical illustrations and informative graphics using, for example, CAD drawings and in all desired display forms such as:

  • Realistic drawings
  • Line drawings
  • Exploded drawings
  • Flow charts

  • Pictograms
  • Operation depictions
  • Animated graphics
  • Overview drawings

Technical illustrations and operation depictions

Our translation partners always translate into their
native languages

Translations are becoming more and more important owing to progressive internationalization. We therefore offer translation of the information resources we develop as well as your own into all required languages.

Translation and localization of technical documentation

The process of localization begins as early as the document creation stage, which is why our technical editors receive training on international standards and translation-friendly writing. Our technical editors and our translation partners work closely together throughout the whole documentation process. In order to provide you with technical documentation, translation and localization from one source, we work with a certified translation agency that performs all is translation services in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100.

Corporate cultural aspects

At MB Dokutec, a staff- and customer-friendly company climate is a must. Together we practice an innovation-friendly system of accepted values, norms, behavior and practices. This is a measurable success factor.

Globalization and digitization

Economic interdependencies are becoming more and more complex and change in a rapid pace in all social areas. We face this challenge!